YouTube for Inspiration, the Real Thing for Solutions


VideoInvariably, everybody wants to be showered with the pixie dust of success. For the most part, nobody wants to live life limited by the recurrence of a few hundred bucks in the wallet. It’s exactly why people anchor their time on Google’s second most sought-after search engine, YouTube, looking for inspiration; it’s also why your office should seek people who can show you the road to greater productivity – with renewed vigor.

The Magic of Video

Even Hollywood’s influence is falling short compared to YouTube.

Move over JLaw and all the glitzy men and women of Hollywood; enter Smosh and all the other YouTube stars. Recent survey done by Variety shows that U.S. teens are more likely to go ahead with a purchase based on what their YouTube star is saying than with advice from mainstream TV/movie celebrities. Done by Jeetender Schdev asking about 1,500 respondents the survey was intended to show which are more influential among the young today: 10 mainstream and 10 YouTube celebrities.

The results show that YouTube stars – Smosh, PewDiePie, TheFineBros – outrank their Hollywood equivalents.

America’s beloved sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence, for instance, lands but the #7 spot in the survey while Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio are ranked even lower.

YouTube, the site where 4 billion videos are viewed every day, is definitely influential.

Nothing Beats Personal Experience

When you want dramatic results for your department or your company, however, you may have to get the service of motivational speakers, advises Brad Montgomery, rather than just a generic video.

What makes these gifted speakers superior is they are able to assess and address the need of your company more specifically. As a true professional, a motivational speaker is capable of tailoring their approach and the solution it brings to remedy a particular situation.

Further, an effective speaker rallies the troops so they identify with the much-needed solution and vigorously apply themselves in the process. In that sense, his expertise lessens your burden of putting the solution to work.

The result: greater productivity.

YouTube vids are helpful, no doubt; however, the words of a motivational speaker works best in a corporate setting.