Why you Should get Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencingA nice pool at home requires a safety fence around it. By hiring a professional contractor to put a glass pool fence in your Auckland home, you will be giving your home a functional and stylish upgrade. It is a fact that pool fencing is an excellent choice for putting borders around pool areas while not being too rude to neighbours.

Listed below are some of the many reasons to get glass pool fencing:

Quality Materials

Glass is a very strong material. Generally, tempered glass is a result of heating to more than 700 degrees, which is set out to cool immediately after. This makes the glass strong enough to withstand heavy elements and avoid cracking. A glass fence does not rust, so it does not need painting or other kinds of maintenance. Glass also makes for a great windbreaker, keeping out the cool wind during the summer.

Functionality and Style

Three of the main advantages of choosing glass pool fencing in your homes are functionality, quality and the aesthetic appeal. It only requires a little maintenance, saving both time and energy. There are a variety of pool fencing styles that can be customised and designed to your preference. They complement a wide range of applications too.


Children are safe with glass pool fencing. You can simply watch them and supervise when they are in the pool. Additionally, glass fencing is very hard to climb, so climbing would not be a problem with kids as you can watch their every move.

Having glass pool fencing installed in your home gives you peace of mind knowing that a top quality system is guarding your swimming pool. This can also serve as a valuable investment if ever you plan to resell your property.

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