Why Does Colour Matter to Marketing Your Business?

marketing strategy written on a notebookBlack and white prints tend to not attract as much attention as coloured prints. Colours not only call attention, but they also persuade action. A study in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science reveals that colours affect purchasing intent. Moreover, colours can influence consumer perception of brands as buyers relate your company’s personality with the palettes you choose for your promotional materials

So the capabilities of the printing services provider you choose play a crucial role in how your marketing materials turn out. But which type of colour printing should you pick?

Spot Colour Printing

This is the most basic of printing that involves mixing two colours in different proportions to achieve a broad colour spectrum. Spot colour printing is primarily used for backgrounds, logos and other basic solid patterns. It tends to cost more than others, but it can create specific palettes including very bright orange, navy blue and metallic and fluorescent hues.


This is a four-colour printing system which uses cyan, magenta, yellow and key (i.e., a variation of black) to produce different colour spectrums. Specific colours are created in CMYK produces specific hues through screening or half-toning. It is advisable to use a white background to get the best print job. Four-colour printing is among the least costly colour printing processes.

Six-Colour Printing

This is a detailed variety of colour printing. It is primarily similar to CMYK, but it also has green and orange. Six-colour printing is hence sometimes abbreviated CMYKOG. It creates more vivid, vibrant and accurate colours but is quite costly.

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Coated paper is arguably the best for colour printing. It keeps your prints from appearing “fuzzy” since it restricts ink absorption into the paper, thus creating sharper texts and images. Gloss, matte, satin and dull is some of the standard coated paper finishes you can select.

Colours attract consumer attention. Whether it’s for your brand’s logo or marketing materials, choose the right ones and get the best printing service.