When the Marriage is Over: Scenarios for Divorce

Divorce CoupleThere comes a point in every marriage when the bond that was once strong between husband and wife is put to the test. If the couple cannot get past this and keep at least a semblance of the reason they were together in the first place, the marriage itself will crumble.

Another shot

For some couples that view their marriage with respect and believe it worth saving, marriage counseling is an option. During counseling, they may be able to articulate what they were afraid or unable to say before without getting into a big fight. If they’re lucky, they will discover some common ground. The second time around the marriage might become stronger.

Beyond saving

There are some marriages, however, that are — for lack of a better word — beyond saving. This is especially true if the couple has nothing in common, or if one or both of them are physically or even verbally abusive. Although they may try counseling, the chances of success are extremely limited or even non-existent.


Being a less than ideal husband or wife, however, is different from parenting. In some cases, even when one or both parents are abusive toward each other, they are pretty good at parenting if all the fighting could be done away with. A judge may find it difficult to decide when the couple is divorced and now fighting for sole custody of their child or children.


To strengthen one parent’s case, that parent may try child custody investigations by a Denver PI, like AdvancedPrivateEye.com. There is no law preventing the other parent from doing the same. Sometimes, if faced with an especially difficult decision in these proceedings, the court itself may hire an investigator to look at how a parent — who is asking for sole custody — treats the child or children away from the eyes of the court.

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Marriages are sacred, but they should last well beyond the wedding day when the couple is starry-eyed in love. When the arguments begin, that’s the time to tell whether the marriage will go the distance or simply end just as quickly as it had begun.