Up Your Graphic Design Ante with these Trends for 2016

Graphic DesignThe graphic design industry continuously evolves, and for your brand to stay on top of its game, you have to keep abreast of all these improvements and trends. Incorporating these concepts and ideas into your campaigns as early as now will give you the much-needed improvement of your ante this year.

Here are the top five brilliant graphic design trends you should use in your next project.

  1. Creative and Bold Typography

Creative and bold typography will help you get your market’s attention. Play with fonts and give them a bold look, like going for letter stacking or using sans-serif typefaces, and give them a high-resolution finish to complete the look. Handwritten fonts will also continue to dominate the market this year, so consider using them as well.

  1. Flat Design

Use the flat design with your powerful and bold typography to give your project’s outcome with more character. Because minimalistic concepts are all the rage today, using a flat design, which boasts of characteristics like clean looks, large typography, subtle gradients, and lots of white spaces, will help you leave a long-lasting impact on your target market.

  1. Modern Retro

Who says retro is dead? This year, you will see more brands featuring the new or modernized retro, with influences from the 80s and 90s. For a successful modern retro-infused design, think video games back when everyone had fun in arcades, and then incorporate pixel art, bold colors, and geometric patterns into them.

  1. Hand Drawn Images

Go whimsical on your illustrations and harness the power of hand-drawn images. Even Dropbox has already injected the use of these eye candies because they bring out the natural playfulness in every person. Sketches, doodles, brushstrokes, and lines should all make it into your list of whimsical illustrations for a more powerful graphic design campaign in Utah this year.

  1. Moving Images and Illustrations

Heighten the impact of your hand-drawn images and illustrations through the use of cinematography and 2D animation. Even just a slight movement will already catch anyone’s attention without leading to distractions from the main content or message.

So get started with your new project right away by enlisting the services of highly qualified graphic design specialists in Utah.