Unique Ways to Boost Brand Awareness

Advertising Agency in NY

Advertising Agency in NY“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

The above quote is from the famous businessman, Jeff Bezos. He is a successful entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Amazon.com. A brand is sometimes more important than the company because it is the one thing that customers associate with you and the thing that comes to mind when looking for a particular product or service. Taking care of it is a must; the first step to doing so is by building and maintaining awareness.

Give it Some Personality

An advertising agency in NY cites that brands are more compelling and memorable when they have a distinct personality. One such unique persona is the Old Spice guy; the funny commercials create a person that a man can smell like. The ads are hilarious and sometimes, unforgettable; some viewers may share the video on their timeline or social accounts, providing you with free publicity.


Handing out a freebie during events or offering a two for one special is one way to boost brand awareness. These specials allow your brand to enter the daily routines of your target audience. Careful selection of which items to give such as pens, mugs, cups, shirts and others enable you to stick to the top off mind of those who use them daily. When they see your branding often, they will remember and may even improve the possibility of making a purchase.

Story Telling

Anyone can sell a product or service, but not everyone is a storyteller. People are likely to remember your brand when there is a story connected to it. The most influential ads are those who have an emotional core that tugs at the heartstrings of those who see them. Emotion is a powerful tool that improves the likelihood of a conversion or at least raise awareness.

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These ways are good options to consider when it comes to crafting a brand awareness strategy.