Travelling on the Cheap: Some Money-Saving Ways to Tour London

London cityscape at dusk Many people dream of travelling, but not everyone has the means for it. If you wish to see London on a tight budget, here are a few ways to pinch some pennies still while having fun.

1. Find a place to rest

Bunking with friends or staying at a hotel are not your only options for accommodation! Student accommodation in London is an equally comfortable and convenient choice.

Student accommodation does not necessarily mean they are for students only — some also cater to young professionals and, yes, even tourists can make the most of their great locations and friendly rates.

2. Know how to get around easily

Fancy walking around? Grab a physical map or download an app to help you find your way around the city. London has excellent public transportation, too, so if you prefer riding over walking, there is always the Visitor Oyster Card! Bonus: cardholders can get discounts on food and tourist attractions.

3. See what you want

If you enjoy an independent exploration, do an online search for the best of what London has to offer for your specific interests. You could also browse websites with itineraries for cheap things to do or see if you would rather travel the unbeaten path.

But if you are after seeing the must-see places, grabbing a London Pass is a great way to do it. This gives you access to the best of its attractions — from the iconic Tower of London to a variety of museums and historic houses.

If one of your must-sees is a theatrical production, the best time to get a ticket to a West End show is months in advance. But if you rather take chances, get in line for the show you want to see just in case they have standby tickets for release or perhaps some returns!

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True: plans can fail. However, having a general idea of how your days will flow can make your vacation on the cheap relaxed and enjoyable. So plan your bookings and start packing!