Tots on the Road: Smart Travel with Kids in Tow

Family vacation with kidsNow is the best time to travel with kids. They travel and eat for free if you choose the right brands and make the most of your memberships. Though you may not pay extra for the young one’s airfare or their meals, you get to make memories with them.

With that said, problems start to stack up when you have more than one child in tow. Here’s how to get by:

Note the Adult-to-Children Ratio

From flights to car travel, things get complicated when you’re supposed to manage more than one child on your own. There should be more adults than kids when traveling — unless you want it to feel like a punishment instead of a vacation.

This is also important when booking hotel rooms. You’ll be paying hefty sums for rooms meant for adults that will house children. If you and your partner have two kids, Baby Borrow Rental suggests renting a double rollaway bed instead of paying for a bigger room.

Read the Fine Print

Hotels may charge extra if you exceed their occupancy rules. Restaurants may only allow a certain number of children to eat for free with each family. If you’re not aware of these rules, you may overshoot your budget and be surprised by the extras you have to pay upon checkout.

Ask Away

Hotels are in the hospitality industry, so they do try their best to be hospitable. However, they might not readily offer you all the things you need just because they see that you have kids.

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Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst they can say is “no,” and you won’t lose anything. Some hotels offer diapers and free use of children’s toys and other essentials, and they might even be willing to supply a mini-fridge for your baby supplies. Ask first if they offer these for free, though. If not, ask how much they cost so you can be prepared for the expenses.

You save on some things when traveling with children, but other costs may sneak up on you when you’re not traveling smart. Always ask and plan.