The Kind of Electrician You Need

ElectricianThere are two major categories of electricians: residential and commercial electricians. Within these categories, there are other subdivisions with each electrician holding various qualifications for specific tasks on the job.

If you are in the commercial, industrial, residential, marine, or even automotive business, various electricians in Fort Worth, Texas can help you run your project. These electricians will not only install but also perform maintenance checks and repairs where necessary. Here are various electrician options that you may have.

Commercial electrician

If you are setting up a warehouse, office buildings, a shopping mall, a retail shop, or any other business of that nature, then you need the services of a commercial electrician. These electricians help with installation, maintenance and repair of surveillance and security systems, video and audio wiring systems, and fire detection systems. They also help in troubleshooting and maintenance of voltage systems, generators and transformers, as well as circuits and electrical systems.

Residential electrician

An electrician in this area helps with the construction and set up of an electrical system for your residential building. Training and qualifications in this sector resemble those of a commercial electrician but have a few more details. This electrician helps in your residential electrical matters. For instance, they can advise you on the national electrical code during construction, interpretation of residential blueprints, installation of the lighting system and maintenance of your wiring system.

Industrial electrician

This electrician will work on projects for large production companies where there are various complex systems and large machines. These electricians normally have a high responsibility level as a failure in any of the machines means loss of profit to the company. Unlike commercial electricians, these electricians handle several complex machines. For instance, they handle power generators and electrical systems among others.

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Depending on your sector, there are other many types of electricians. The type that you select should match the project requirements both in experience and qualifications. Also, ensure that your electrician is licensed before they set to work on your project.