The Cost of a Funeral Service in the UK

Flower Arrangement on Coffin

Flower Arrangement on CoffinIt will never be easy to lose a loved one, and it would always be painful and require time to heal. Unfortunately, there are many other things you need to consider for the funeral service of your relative.

Funeral Costs in the UK

Compared to most parts of the United Kingdom, London has the most expensive funeral services and packages. A funeral reaches an average cost of £5,529. Burial services reach an average of £7,311, while cremation services cost around £4,591. Some people choose direct cremation, choosing not to hold a funeral service. This usually costs half the price of a regular cremation service.

Compared to the cost of funeral service prices in 2004, the percentage increase is the amount of funeral services reached an outstanding 112%.

Funeral Plans to Consider

With the rapid increase in prices of funeral services, many families should check different funeral packages early on to prepare for the inevitable without spending too much.  In the UK, all basic funeral plans include professional support and advice, a hearse and the coffin. But many other plans will help grieving families save money and other expenses.

1. Pre-paid Plans

A pre-paid plan will allow you to choose one that guarantees burial, minister’s fees, and other funeral services at today’s prices.  It doesn’t matter if funeral prices increase in future; a pre-paid plan will assure you that your loved one will have a proper funeral.

2. Over-50 Life Insurance

These insurance plans are not funeral plans, but they offer families an affordable option for planning their funeral. These plans start at £4 a month and could help seniors and less affluent families to prepare a funeral plan. Aside from the monthly fees, you need to pay a cash sum upon death as part of the funeral payment.

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Explore your options and discuss these plans with your funeral insurance agent to ensure that you will receive the goodbye you’ve always wanted. Death is inevitable for everyone, so you need to provide your family will have the security and future you’ve always wished for them, even when you’re gone.