Straight from the Heart: Writing a Eulogy

Burying a Coffin in Roy after Eulogy

Burying a Coffin in Roy after EulogyAttending a family member’s or a friend’s funeral is something that you’d want not to attend if you could help it — it’s sad and it evokes memories that can twist your heart. But you have to fulfill this unwritten obligation.

One part of a funeral ceremony is having everyone attest to the beautiful and good life of the departed. Honoring the deceased goes beyond proper funeral planning in Roy; you can still honor them one last time by preparing a well-written eulogy.

But how to start writing a seemingly sad speech like this? Here are some pointers:

Talk About the Relationship

Standard eulogies start with how the relationship is formed, whether you’re a family member or a friend. It may sound clichéd, but that’s okay. To commence it beautifully, you may choose to tell a simple anecdote of how you and the person met. This is where it’s acceptable to make people laugh; they certainly need it at this point.

Talk About the Memories

Once you have established the initial memories, it’s time to back them up with more. At this point, you can talk about how that person has changed your life. Tell the memorable stories and the untold kindness of the person. Resist the urge to tell the person’s secrets. The secret, no matter how small or trivial it may seem, may affect the family in ways you have not considered. If you have held grudges against the person, do not divulge those sentiments. This is not the proper venue for that.

Take the Task as an Art

Writing a eulogy is an art itself, so you might want to make it more beautiful. You can do it by incorporating relevant quotations, songs, or poems. It will be much more memorable if these segments and pieces are personally created.

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Once you’re standing on the dais and you feel like crying, don’t hold it up. The fact that you’re chosen to tell a eulogy speaks a lot about how you hold a special place in a person’s heart. May these tips help you create a memorable speech.