SMS Advertising: The New Age Of Advertising

SMS ServicesMarketing is no longer limited to TV, radio, or billboard ads, as today is the dawn of a new age. Thanks to the advancement of technology, marketers can be seen using more innovative marketing strategies, such as email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and SMS advertising. These are just some of the best methods for lead generation and customer traffic conversion to potential sales turnover.

What is SMS Advertising and How Does It Work?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is more known as text messages. So how does text messaging help marketers? SMS advertising is a type of marketing strategy where marketers send updates, promotions, and discounts to consumers via text messages. Mobile advertisers utilise the capability of mobile phones to receive messages instantly, hence they get to communicate with consumers and make sure that they are satisfied with the products and services.

Why SMS Advertising?

Aside from being more affordable than other advertising strategies, it is also the most used mobile technology, nowadays. All you need is a good bulk SMS service and a contact list of their past and potential customers. Depending on which campaign you are working on, SMS services can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. It is a great tool for marketers for its relevance, immediacy, and ubiquity. Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, which ensures the widest reach possible for your advertisement, says an expert from Singtel Media.

Unlike TV and radio ad where advertisers face a challenge of figuring out if their advertisements have triggered a good or bad response, mobile advertising is easier to manage and monitor. A simple reply to a quick survey can confirm if the consumers are happy or not with the products or services.

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Mobile marketing helps bridge the gap between consumers and companies mainly due to its high interactiveness. Text messaging presents an opportunity for marketers to stay in touch with loyal and new customers.