Shopping Hacks: Outsmart Your Competitors

EntrepreneurEverybody who’s anybody either wants to start their own business or is already managing one. People nowadays are sick of the nine-to-five desk job. They’d rather earn a living on their own and not have a boss breathing down their necks waiting for them to finish a task.

But, with the huge competition out there, how do you stand out from the crowd of entrepreneurs? How do you keep those consumers coming back?

Hack No. 1: Offer Customer Loyalty Rewards

You start your morning routine by grabbing coffee at Starbucks. The barista offers you loyalty membership so you get free in-store refills of brewed coffee or tea. You then start earning stars to get free food and drinks in the future, and get other surprising rewards.

Sounds interesting, right? You keep coming back not only because of the delightful coffee but also because of the fun rewards.

If you have no idea how to get started with your own business, Shopper Loyalty Rewards Inc recommends building a loyalty program for your company.

Hack No. 2: Schedule Monthly or Seasonal Sales

In the world of shopping, sales are the number one tactic that keeps drawing consumers in. Seeing those discounts and buy-one-take-one signs make people purchase more than they usually will.

The mentality here is that on normal days, consumers will just get one item that they’d really love. On sale days, they will grab almost anything they can get their hands on. The vibe of other shoppers around and the markdown prices will promote impulse buying. The number of items they buy will surpass the number of items you marked down.

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Hack No. 3: Encourage Happy Employees

Your employees represent your company. If your employees are in an awful mood, they will most likely ruin your shop’s atmosphere. Ever inquired for a leather couch in Costco? The employees there are always in a jolly mood, and they will unconsciously transfer that optimistic energy to you. The consumers will be in such a good mood that instead of just inquiring, there’s a higher possibility of them buying.

Beating your competition doesn’t have to involve any negativity such as ruining their reputation. Take the high road and follow the simple hacks to keep luring customers in.