Served with a Purpose: Four Features that Make Resin Plates Ideal for Serving Food

a girl about to eat her foodIn the past, wood was used widely as the material of choice. Now, people are switching to resin materials. These include serving trays and plates. Resin is made of substances secreted by plants and insects.

Here are several features of resin that attract food businesses.


Resin serving platters are dishwasher-safe. This means that they can be exposed to detergents without being damaged. This makes resin products more durable than other materials like wood and glass.

More Hygienic than Wood

Another feature of resin is that it is more hygienic than wood. This means that users of resin materials have fewer chances of getting sick from bacteria that might settle in wooden ones. Homes or establishments that have children or anyone prone to illness can benefit from this.

Scratch proof

Resin is also reported to be scratch proof, which makes it an asset to home-makers who need to maintain the appearance of their food trays and plates. Being resistant to scratches also means that resin products can withstand scrapes from utensils while food is being eaten off the plate.

Easy to Carry

Lastly, resin food products are said to be easier to carry. This should benefit caterers who would need to bring loads of plates to a buffet event or party. For culinary staff at hotels or restaurants, the easy-to-carry resin products would also make their tasks more manageable.

In conclusion, culinary professionals, catering businesses, and home-makers should care about how to serve their food. One concern regarding this is what dishes to use for the food. Industry experts recommend using resin products because they are hygienic, safe for dishwashers, and resistant to scratches.

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