SEO Strategies That Won’t Work

SEOThe days when keyword stuffing meant higher search rankings are over. Google constantly changes the rules of the game, and to stay at its good side, you would want to keep up with the updates, too. The search engine’s algorithm puts premium on quality, meaning no spam-sounding write ups, bogus links, you get the picture. It also means upping your SEO ante, and in doing so, you may want to avoid these faulty moves.

Meta Description Stuffing

If you think keyword stuffing is just applicable to full-length articles and copies, think again. SEO practitioners in Denver and elsewhere note that meta description stuffing is a common optimization faux pas.

It involves putting unnecessary effort to infuse short web descriptions with keywords and phrases to make web crawlers give the site a higher ranking. Although changes in ranking may briefly take effect, they usually don’t last.

Meta descriptions are self-reported data of what the site is about, and as such, visitors tend to pay more attention to the actual content rather than the meta. While inserting a few phrases won’t hurt, it isn’t that much help, either.

Treating a Website as a Standalone Branding Strategy

While it’s true that you spread brand awareness mainly through your website, it’s not enough to maximize the internet. A business website is just one of the many spaces online, and there’s little chance of getting visitors if you aren’t where your audience are on. And, everyone’s on Facebook and Twitter.

With millions of active monthly visitors, Facebook is a valuable ally for any business looking to reach a wider audience. Because it’s free, it’s also a great venue for audience engagement and getting customer feedback. SNS aren’t just social platforms; they’re online tools that are up to date and readily available, a welcome extension to any brand.

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Belittling Local SEO

Whether you’re a multinational brand or a startup, Local SEO is a strategy you can benefit from. It’s not just an optimization move for small businesses; it’s an important step towards bringing you closer to your audience.

The strategy allows for more focused search results and a more specific target market. It helps you deal and engage with the people you cater to. It’s not a strategy you can belittle; it’s a smart, well-targeted move for businesses of all sizes.

Don’t rely on SEO strategies that don’t work. Keep yourself updated and open to newer tools and methods, and ask professionals to help you build your brand online and beyond.