Pre-paid Funerals: Three Things to Know

woman holding a roseRetiring in countries like Spain or Cyprus is a great idea to feel what it’s like to have an expat lifestyle overseas. However, one must learn the customs of each country, especially when it comes to funerals.

This is also why pre-paid funerals in Spain are a welcoming idea for most expats. Here are a few questions that you may want to ask yourself to know about pre-paid funerals.

What’s a pre-paid funeral?

A pre-paid funeral plan basically covers the cost of your funeral when you pass away. You may avail one from an accredited funeral plan provider, which manages the expenses of your send-off including the funeral director. Having a funeral plan will take the load off your family’s back especially when it comes to the funeral’s finances, notesĀ

What does it cover?

Most funeral plans cover almost everything when it comes to your send-off. It covers the necessities of a funeral including the coffin, the care of the remains, and also the transport of the remains to a funeral director including the vehicle. However, it doesn’t include the floral arrangement and the catering during the wake. So you might want to pay extra for any additional service.

Where can I avail a Spanish Funeral Insurance?

Getting the most affordable costs is almost the same as finding insurance for your vehicle. Working with insurance brokers are probably the best option for expats living in Spain. Working with a certified insurance broker can give you access to the best price and even be able to compare various insurance companies as well.

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Living the expat life shouldn’t cause anyone to worry, especially when you’ve already retired. That’s why it’s essential to manage everything that you can before you pass away. Working with insurance agents who are experts on pre-paid funeral plans is a great way to know your options and properly prepare your finances for the future.