Planning Your Big Company Event

Colleagues in a company event

Colleagues in a company eventEvent planning is a daunting task especially if you’re not a professional coordinator. Even the most skilled of planners can be challenged when facing the needs of so many companies. If the task falls on you to find a good place for your company gathering, search for the following features before choosing.


Your venue should be big enough for the maximum number of expected guests. You should also make room for an extra number of people. Be generous with your estimates, especially if you’re planning to invite different company representatives in a city like New York. Consider the event space’s location and accessibility, especially when your company expects guest from all walks of life.


If your event requires a special amenity such as a pool or large exhibit hall, you should check the event space if they have the features you need. Ask if they have sound engineers and have the right equipment. Check the mechanical equipment and the other electronics to make sure that they work on the day of the event.


Make sure to book an event space early enough. Most venues are fully booked during the last four months of the year, so if you’re celebrating any special event, be prepared to make the booking as early as eight to twelve months in advance. When choosing your event venue, make sure to be flexible on the scheduling so you could book the event space you want.

Whether it’s a big event or an intimate private party, getting the right place at the right time should be your priority. Start making calls as soon as possible. Make sure that your event is something that your employees and clients will never forget.

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