Never Giving Up: 3 Steps to Becoming a More Resilient Entrepreneur

a female entrepreneur workingWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going. The wisdom in this old adage has never been so true for entrepreneurs today. With many setbacks in the economy, the changing workforce and consumers, and the ever-evolving business landscape, there are many reasons to grit one’s teeth, be more engaged, and step up.

Successful businesses today are a result of resilient entrepreneurs. Develop the same attitude by following these perspectives and habits:

Ask for help.

Acknowledging the need for support is a distinguishing characteristic of resilient entrepreneurs. They understand that the business journey isn’t meant to be tackled alone, so they ask for help from experts and mentors. This doesn’t just help them feel better, but also decide and do better.

Keep a support group close even before you jump into an industry. This is most important, especially when you’re venturing into a competitive business, like the food sector. You will need all the help that’s available for you. Some starting foodpreneurs choose to franchise first, as this enables them to connect with established business people. If you’re starting a sandwich business, consider getting a franchise.

Maintain a sense of control.

During difficult times, a lot of entrepreneurs perceive events in their business as a result of their sacrifices, instead of their deliberate choices. That then results in seeing oneself as a victim of circumstances, robbing one a sense of control.

Instead of seeing your responses to drawbacks and failures as sacrifices, look at them as your way of finding opportunities for growth. This way, you can feel that you’re on top of things, even you’re in the middle of business dilemmas.

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Revisit your goal.

Goals are crucial because they give you a clear direction, where you’re headed to. What’s more is they remind you of your purpose: why you’ve ventured into this endeavor in the first place. When the going gets tough, revisit your goal, and this will help in motivating you to hang on and perform better.

Resilience is one of the hallmarks of great entrepreneurs. Nurture this attribute: Don’t give up.