Mobility on Two Wheels: The Basic Benefits of Cycling

The Basic Benefits of CyclingPeople who wish to reduce their carbon footprint have turned to walking, cycling or taking public transportation as a means to get around. Cycling, in particular, has increased in popularity for its multiple amazing benefits.

Getting Started

Riding a bike is easy to get into with most people learning to ride bikes as children. Since you can learn at your own pace, it is an exercise that you don’t need to hire a coach for. There is also no need to purchase expensive equipment. By determining how and where you wish to use your bike — for errands, going to work or cycling off-road — you can get a good idea what type you need, and what protective gear you have to wear.

Riding to Work

Instead of driving to work, use your bike. It will allow you to get a time-efficient exercise and let you save money on petrol! Of course, you will have to ensure you have a safe place to park your bike. If there are enough of you cycling to work, or even if there are not, try petitioning your workplace to install a bike canopy shelter. This way, you and other colleagues who bike to work have a secure place to park your bikes.

Cycling for Fitness

Cycling is a low-impact sport with an adjustable rate of intensity. This means you are highly unlikely to hurt yourself while pedalling and you can decide on how difficult your workout will be. Cycling strengthens your lungs and cardiovascular muscles, reducing your risk for heart disease.

Frequent cycling may also reduce the risk for obesity. It raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle, and burns fat. Along with proper diet, half an hour to an hour of daily cycling can help you shed around five kilogrammes of fat a year.

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Outside Your Comfort Zone

Some people start cycling out of necessity and end up wanting to ride everywhere. Cycling off-road allows you to clear your mind while getting your daily dose of exercise. Try exploring your neighbourhood to start with or exploring bike trails. Cycling may prove to be just what you need to get in complete shape.