Mistakes that New Business Owners Should Avoid

coffee shop owner enjoying the ambianceBeing a business owner is challenging, especially when you’re still starting. There’s a lot of room to grow and learn, and often, the cost of learning is money. Here are three costly mistakes that you need to avoid:

Hiring Too Quickly

One mistake that new business owners often make is hiring many people right off the bat. Now, hiring people to operate the business smoothly is not a mistake. However, many make the error of hiring full-time employees right away without even having enough workload to keep them busy. Business owners should take advantage of staffing solutions from third-party providers like driver leasing services and IT contractors.


When you’ve poured a lot of resources, time, and passion into a business, it’s difficult to give up your control over every portion of it. However, micromanaging every employee and contractor can only lead to trouble. When you hire or enlist the services of other people, it’s essential that you trust that they can do their job well. Micromanaging people puts a strain on your working relationship. It also reflects poorly on you as an owner and a leader.

Not Having an Emergency Fund

It’s very seldom that business becomes profitable in its first month. After the initial capital outlay, expect that the revenue will not be enough to cover all expenses as well as the profit that you planned to take out. Instead, be conservative with the business’s financials. Make sure that you don’t take out earnings as they come and always prioritize the payroll. The biggest financial mistake that you can make early on is not having an emergency or contingency fund that you can dip into in case money is tight because of cash flow issues.

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These are just three mistakes that you can avoid as an entrepreneur. Making mistakes is part of the journey, but it doesn’t hurt to learn from the blunders of others before getting hurt yourself.