Is Your Office Design Attracting Creative Talents?

Office Design

Office DesignFrom the furniture to the colour of the walls, companies are now paying more attention to the design of their work spaces.

Bishop Interiors notes that apart from compensation, benefits, and incentives, the overall look of an office can also attract smart and creative talents. An office design that allows relaxation and triggers happiness can increase employee productivity. An office with numerous common and shared areas, meanwhile, promotes brainstorming and teamwork.

Many people consider Google and Facebook offices as two of the “coolest” offices in the world, and other companies are catching up with them by innovating and revamping their office design.

Here are three companies that deserve the ‘cool office’ label, too:

  1. Airbnb

The company adopts an open plan design, so there are no private offices. The collaborative spaces look like a real Airbnb listing, as their designs are inspired by various rooms across the globe. In the event that an employee needs a quiet and private time, they can go and sit inside the ‘work caves’.

  1. AOL

AOL recently did a major revamp on their headquarters. They made their workspace more inspiring and fun by incorporating fresh and new designs. The AOL office features colourful work spaces, numerous relaxation areas, game rooms, pool tables, and large kitchens.

  1. Lego

The office of Lego perfectly reflects the brand as the entire workspace looks fun, bright and playful. Lego also has an open-plan design, where employees can interact with each other all the time. Employees can also enjoy the slide and football tables in this office. Most importantly, Lego pieces are scattered everywhere to boost employees’ imagination.

These cool and creative offices may serve as an inspiration, as well as a challenge, to other companies, too. There is no better way to motivate your workers than by keeping them happy while at work.