Is Condo Living the New American Dream?

a condominiumAs families become more focused on being financially independent and parents want a steady job with high potential for growth, they are choosing to live near their workplace. The shortened commute helps them save funds and conserve time, so they can still spend a few minutes with their family before turning in for the night.

With all these changes to the family life, is the American Dream changing from home ownership to condo living?

Downsizing Trend

It’s not just moving from a big house to a smaller one; some families are trading in their house to a condo. Others who do not own a house yet are choosing to look for condos for rent in Las Colinas, TX, especially if they have a small family. It’s easy to manage the floor space when the family hasn’t acquired plenty of things yet, and multipurpose living areas can be customized according to each family’s lifestyle.

Free Amenities

The word “free” is used loosely here because living in a condo comes with fees that pay for the amenities, but they are a small price to pay for the convenience of having a rooftop deck, swimming pool, and gym. Luxury condos all over the world even go over the top with their amenities, and who can blame them? Each condominium unit boasts different amenities, but one thing’s for sure: the monthly rent will not be enough to get your pool or gym immediately.

A Sign of the Times

Gone are the days when families moved to the suburbs to have a peaceful life. Today, families are more dynamic, and bedtimes are pushed back an hour or two for some socializing. Especially for the millennial newlyweds, living in the city is the dream. A condominium to come home to in a secure neighborhood is what they want–at least right now.

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Condos present a convenient housing option for those who want to be near their office. You get plenty of perks from living in one, too.