Getting to Uluru: An Option for Every Traveller

Traveling to UluruUluru, also called Ayers Rock, is among the most famous and breathtaking landscapes not only in Australia but also in the whole world. However, getting there — unless you’re lucky enough to live nearby — is difficult since it’s smack in the center of the scorching desert. Below are your options:

Vehicle Relocation

Plenty of websites offer vehicles at extremely affordable prices and will offer to shoulder some of the fuel costs. Many companies or individuals who are relocating their vehicles across the country offer excellent deals, plus the ability to see some sights along the way. If you have time on your hands and are travelling one-way, do consider this option.

Drive Yourself

If you have your own vehicle or caravan (you can consider staying at a camping or caravan park in Uluru to save money on accommodations), driving to Uluru is doable. However, keep in mind that you’ll be mostly driving through the hot and harsh desert and that Uluru is approximately 18 hours away from Adelaide, 23 hours away from Melbourne, and 25 hours away from Darwin.

Board a Plane

If you want convenience and fast travel, flying from Sydney could be a viable option for you. However, keep in mind that while resort and airport transfers are free, you’ll have to pay for transfers to get around the area. Cairns also has direct flights to Uluru but flying direct is extremely expensive so an alternative route from Cairns would be to catch a flight to Sydney and then fly to Uluru from there.

Lift Sharing

Search ‘Lift Share Uluru’ to find other people who would want to share their ride and fuel costs to other people travelling to Uluru. It will be more affordable than flying and will provide you flexibility to travel around the area since you won’t have to pay for transfers.

Alice Springs Hire Drive

Alice Springs is the closest town to Uluru but is still considered far since it is six hours away. Flying to Alice Springs from major Australian cities cost the same as flying to Uluru direct so it’s not really economical to hire a vehicle in Alice Springs instead of direct to Uluru. Additionally, rental vehicles won’t give you unlimited miles and you’ll have to factor in getting to and from the Rock in your budget.

So depending on your budget, you have different options to choose from when going to Uluru. Regardless of whatever option you choose, you can always save some money by choosing budget-friendly accommodations and packing some food. And remember, it’s about the journey and not really the destination, so enjoy your journey to Uluru.