Getting Card-Based Web Design Done Right

Web Design Done Right

Web Design Done RightWeb design trends come and go, and for now, the trend is on card-based interfaces. It has gained popularity for being a versatile design template for websites, regardless of the device used. It’s user-friendly, easy to look at, and very cohesive design-wise.

The problem is that some people fail to get it right. To ensure your card-style design stays effective, Denver’s website design specialists, such as C1 Partners, advise looking for the following elements:

Black and White ‘Frame’

Before you think of a color palette for your website, you have to understand that the card-style design relies so much on a black and white “framework” of sorts. Draft the whole website on a black and white palette first and prioritize spacing, typography, and other elements. Card-style designs put functionality above anything else.

Card Spacing

The adaptability of card-style layouts to be useful in any device is what sets it apart. Therefore, you have to allocate larger spacing than usual for devices that use touch input. As a rule of thumb, it is good to double the usual amount of spacing you allocate. Doing so opens up the design and lets you organize the whole website better.


Multiple layers don’t work well in this design style. As much as possible, you would want to keep the layers simple and at a bare minimum. Keep in mind that this style has a lot of touchpoints or calls-to-action scattered throughout the page. Thus, adding extra layers of actions and buttons would do more harm than good, in terms of design.


Even in your font choices, always go for what is simple. Sans serif fonts are the go-to choice here, but not those that are condensed or extra thin. Two typeface options are a good choice for card-style designs; at most, you can go for three. Anything more than that would be too much.

UI Clutter

Evidently, simplicity is what sets apart this particular design. For this reason, you want to have near zero clutter in the main UI. Every card or tile you add should correspond to an action. If there is no action involved in that particular area, rethink it.

These design choices make a good guide for those who want to have this design. Take these elements into consideration and you would surely have a trendy and aesthetically pleasing layout.