Get More Patients for Your Pet Clinic with These 3 Techniques

Pet Clinic Opening your own pet clinic can be daunting. Some veterinarians would even say that treating the patients is the easy part. Running the clinic and all the administrative tasks is the most difficult area of owning your own practice.

But experienced doctors and administrators say that getting new clients trumps all of that. The key to a successful clinic is that many people keep coming back to you for pet care and other pet needs. So if you want to know some surefire ways to get new clients and keep them, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Work for free.

Wait, what? You have to give out medical advice for free? Yes, but that’s just at the start of the patient-doctor relationship. Get custom veterinary promotional products such as flyers, posters and even digital signage from Positive Impressions, LLC to tell the local community about free checkups. Let the first consultation be for free or schedule a day for all-day free checkups.

2. Sell pet products.

Aside from the ubiquitous pet treats (that you need anyway to bribe the little cuties), make sure that you have special pet products that people can only find in your clinic. Collaborate with artisanal pet brands or make your own products to sell in your clinic. Even if pet owners don’t go in for appointments, they’ll drop by anyway for the great products.

3. Offer pet hotel services.

While you can’t make it a true luxury hotel, allowing pet accommodations gives pet owners much-needed services. Accept pets that need to be left at home or required to stay in for observation. The more you’re able to offer pet owners, the more they will go to your clinic for convenience.

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So if you want to gain more patients, make sure that you give free checkups (only once in a while), accept pets for staying in and sell artisanal pet products.