Focus on unusual visa applications – applying as a stateless person

Approved Visa

Approved VisaSome visa applications are quite unusual such as those that are made by a stateless person. As with all applications, this requires the user to prove certain conditions in order for their claim to be successful.

An immigration solicitor in London, such as Saracens Solicitors, can advise someone if they meet the requirements for any particular type of visa. Choosing the right visa – and there are many – is important as applications regularly fail due to unanticipated technicalities.

Statelessness is a complex issue. A person can either be stateless through circumstances of birth or become stateless later in life.

The basic criteria

For a visa application that is based on being a stateless person, someone may have experienced some of the following circumstances:

  • Loss through reformation of borders and countries – changes to borders and the breaking up of countries can lead to certain groups being deliberately left stateless;
  • Loss through non-residency – simply being outside of the country for certain periods of time can cause some people to loose their nationality;
  • Loss through a change in the law – the laws surrounding nationality can be changed. They often are if there is a radical shift in the political climate or ruling party. This can leave some people stateless on the basis of race or ethnicity. In these cases, it may require an immigration solicitor in London to asses whether someone’s application to remain in the UK should be on the basis of statelessness or on a claim for asylum based on persecution;
  • Non-acquisition by circumstnaces of birth – many countries base nationality on residency or family ties. That means that someone can gain nationality through these paths regardless of where they happen to be born. Sometimes this isn’t the case and, in these circumstances, this can lead to statelessness.
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Each of these criteria come with more detailed guidance that an immigration solicitor in London can interpret fully.

Application in the UK

Unlike many visa applications, applying on the basis of statelessness is currently free. There are certain documents that need to be supplied in order to prove a person’s claim. In order to make a strong case, engaging an immigration solicitior is normally the best course of action.