Etiquette All Road Users Must Follow

Cars on heavy traffic

Cars on heavy traffic roadDrivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are all expected to work together to share the same roads. Sadly, accidents have become a frequent occurrence due to poor communication and decision making between involved parties.

What can road users do to bring back order in this chaotic scenario?

For cyclists and motorcyclists

It is quite easy for riders to undermine the speed at which they are riding. It is only during a crash when one realises how fast they were going if they are lucky enough to come out alive. Here are some standard rules to uphold for riders, skateboarders and scooters.

  • Use road safety products. This includes a helmet, reflective jacket, gloves, knee and elbow caps, and boots and so on.
  • Stay alert and watch out for any reckless drivers.
  • Use appropriate set speeds for the highways.

For pedestrians

Road rage is a daily occurrence witnessed on roads. Unfortunately, pedestrians pay the highest price, sustaining serious injuries and at times even losing their lives. As a pedestrian, it is crucial to remain vigilant while using pavements near the highway. Here are a few pointers to ensure your safety.

  • Always use the part of the road reserved for pedestrians.
  • Only cross the road at designated areas such as the zebra crossings or crosswalks.
  • Put on bright-coloured clothing during the day or reflective jackets at night to enhance visibility.

For drivers

Whether driving a truck, a sports car or any other vehicle, it is prudent to follow these simple steps to ensure your safety and that of other road users.

  • Obey the traffic lights, rules, and regulations.
  • Always ensure proper condition and maintenance of your vehicle before hitting the road.
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In the long run, the road should be safe for all. When each road user employs caution and wisdom, it goes a long way.