Domino’s Sends Cryptic Message With Pizza Emoji, Turns Out New Order Service


EmojiEmojis, for better or worse, has defined contemporary conversation. People do not have to express themselves purely on words because with their articulate icons. Some depict happiness and sadness, while others focus on material things. Domino’s, the American pizza chain giant, used emojis to great extent when they sent tweets that only includes pizza icons.

The company sent out a series of tweets where they, seemingly, replaced alphabets with pizzas. Complete with punctuations, spaces and all, it baffled the thousands of their followers. The responses were so many that Domino’s felt compelled to respond and explain their actions.

Turns out that Domino’s will soon roll out the “tweet-a-pizza” ordering system for their American customers who are hankering for the iconic Italian pastry.Even more so, they only have to send out a pizza emoji to their official twitter account to alert them of a delivery.

PR experts were full of praise about Domino’s latest PR stunt. Rebecca Lieb, digital advertising analyst at Altimeter Group, said that the company will receive considerable amount of exposure as social media keeps buzzing about the catchy promo.

Domino’s piled even more optimism about this revolutionary delivery service. According to them, this is a permanent option for ordering pizza in the future. Nonetheless, the Michigan-based pizza chain must be wary that they are not the first ones to try the approach and the past hasn’t been generous to this kind of innovation.

Starbucks tried the same thing with their “tweet a coffee to a friend,” and so did the NFL franchise Miami Dolphins with an in-stadium Tweet-a-Beer promo. Twitter spokeswoman Genevieve Wong remains positive about the service’s future and said, “Our hope is that advertisers will keep innovating this way.” She added, “Twitter is the best platform to be creative like this.”

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Matt Talbot of VP of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which handles Domino’s creative business, had this to say about the latest PR stunt, “We wanted to start a conversation about why Domino’s has gone emoji crazy in the lead-up to the emoji announcement.”

The mechanics of the new ordering service will revolve around the Domino’s Easy Order system. Customers will be able authorize the orders through their Twitter profiles. From then on, sending a tweet with a #EasyOrder or the pizza emoji and Domino’s will confirm the order through Twitter also.

With more than 2,300 retweets and 1,700 favorites, Domino’s are expected to implement the program properly once it rolls out on May 20.