Construction Sites: The Hidden Danger Beneath the Surface

Construction Worker

Construction WorkerPeople who work in construction sites are always at risk of possible post tension in conduits during drilling. As many construction workers are aware of this, it is difficult and risky for them to find out where these wires are buried.

Deadly Wires

Electrocution or Electric shock is one of the top construction site accidents all over the world. This happens when a worker is exposed to harmful amounts of electric energy. According to the National Coronial Information System in Australia, an average of 20 deaths happen every year associated with unintentional electrocution.

An electrical conduit or hidden wire can be life threatening for the whole construction team working on the site. says that concrete scanning before a construction project can help minimise the risk of this accident. Concrete scanning can let the people know what is going on under the surface; not only the danger in hidden wiring but also in other issues that they may encounter in the process.

This method can give the workers critical information, which helps them to adjust their construction plans to meet the findings on the ground and the guarantee that they are able to dig down without being hit by any possible danger.

Observing Safety

Every contractor can prevent this accident by observing the right method in every construction work, a safety program management that includes emergency preparedness, on-site policy, and accountability system can minimise unnecessary events in construction.

Worksite hazard analysis is significant in identifying the danger in every part of the site. This will alert workers about parts of construction that can go wrong, possible consequences, and how they can avoid these risks. In totality, the best way contractors can prevent any hidden danger is to have a professional site assessment and well-interpreted subsurface data to come up with well-informed decisions in every project.