Consider These 5 Things Before Using an Inflatable House at Your Party

Boy PlayingWhen kids see an inflatable set up, nothing can stop them from jumping onto it. Inflatables or bounce houses have become a popular addition to most children’s parties over the past years. If you’re planning to host a party and have an inflatable structure set up, there are things you’ll have to take note of to ensure the fun and safety your guests.

The owners of Buzz City Bounce LLC believe that having inflatables at your event should be a hassle-free experience. So, here are 5 things you should consider to achieve that.

Proper Set-Up

Making sure that your inflatable is set up properly is important. If you’re setting it up yourself, make sure to follow each instruction carefully. If a rental company is setting up for you, it won’t hurt if you double-checked each step of the setup.

Full Supervision

Children must be supervised on an inflatable at all times. If you can’t assign one person to do this, make arrangements with people who can take turns watching the children. Make sure they know who to call or what to do should something bad happen.

Sharp Objects

This may be obvious for an inflatable but some kids may just totally forget about it. Along with full supervision, there should also be someone looking out for kids bringing sharp objects, wearing shoes, or bringing glasses on to the inflatable.

Strong Winds

Inflatables are really light, not unless they have a pool attached to it. Make sure to always check how tightly they are held down to the ground. Know the wind limit for your structure and be prepared to take it down should the strong winds come.

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Set Rules

Brief everyone before letting anyone onto the inflatable. Since it’s your party, you can set rules to make it more manageable.

Make sure that you have all these covered before anyone even sets foot on the inflatable. It won’t only ensure the safety of everyone at your party; it’ll also give the right fun and entertainment that the kids deserve.