Choosing the Right Primary School: What to Consider

Primary School Students in DubaiWhile most families consider the nearest school to be the one for their child, distance should not be the sole factor parents should consider when choosing a school for their kids, particularly if it’s their first time to go to school. Choosing the right primary school can be difficult and to help you make the right decision, take a look at the following items you should consider.

Choosing the Local Primary School

There are several advantages to choosing the local primary school. If you are a working parent, the local school can be a great solution to your morning schedule. It will be easy for your child and the family to come up with a schedule you can all work with even if the school does not offer any bus service. Also, it would be a great place for your child to meet kids from the neighbourhood and eventually make friends with. All these benefits are double its weight when you are an expat in Dubai.

Choosing a Curriculum

Several schools now offer various types of curricula to cater to the increasing demands of the globalising community. More and more schools are offering international curriculum and specialised programs as well as specialised teaching philosophies such as the Montessori and Steiner education. If your family is multicultural, this can be a great opportunity to explore for your child. As parents, you should seriously think what you want for your child and consider your options. Do your research — read up and ask around to understand which curriculum would best suit your child.

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Choosing Secondary-Affiliated Schools

It can be difficult to enter a good secondary school and this option will help your child gain automatic entry to secondary school. Your child would have also acclimatised to the school environment by the time he or she enters the higher grade, so it would also lessen the pressure on them. However, a drawback of this kind of system is that your child will have fewer opportunities to socialise with other people as the larger population of the school would likely have been their schoolmates and classmates in their lower years.

These are but three factors that you need to consider for when your little one enters school. There are several other factors that would come to play, but the most important thing really is to understand your child and give them the best educational opportunity that you possibly can.