Checklist in Setting Up Your First Office

Business partners setting up their new officeThere are a couple of things you need to do before setting up your first business office. First is to decide whether you will buy or lease an office space. Once you’re done, the following steps will automatically follow:

Office Furniture

Of course, you will need office furniture. You need desk and chairs for you and your staff. You will also need a couple of couches or benches for customers to sit on while waiting for their turn. Buy cabinets so you can store office supplies and customers’ records. You can allocate a day or two to shop for office furniture or order office furniture online. The latter is a better option, especially if you don’t have enough time to go to shops.

Information, data management, and communications system

This pertains to your computers, printers, and phone lines. Determine how many of these you actually need to ensure a smooth flow of the process. It would also help to list down a couple of steps so you and your staff will know what to do next. For instance, a customer has placed an order over the phone. Who is the next point person or what is the next step? Should you ask for the customer’s payment or check if the items ordered are available?

Product Storage

If you are selling goods, you will also need a separate area where you can store your products. Do not stack them in a corner where customers can see them. You can get shelves to display them, but if the products are in boxes, they should not be visible to your customers. You can assign a small room, if available, for your products.

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As your business grows, you will need to consider getting a security system. You may also need an effective payment system for office transactions. The important thing is you list down these things and prioritize them according to the needs of your business. This way, you don’t spend too much money during your startup, but instead, go slowly as you “test the waters”.