Business and Professional Documents that Matter

Professional Working on DocumentsWhether you’re a licensed professional responsible for people’s lives, or a tradesman making a living by building infrastructure, you need several documents that make your profession or business legal and worthy of people’s trust.

Savvy customers are likely to ask for such documents wherever applicable, and the readiness with which you provide them matters heavily in the success of your business or the performance of your job. adds that sometimes, as in the construction and remodeling business, the documents are not entirely for legal reasons but for the protection and trust of your customers nonetheless.


A construction company should be ready to provide proof of insurance to clients. Having Florida workers comp insurance, for example, shows your customers that your people are protected in case anything goes wrong. Contractors are not supposed to worry their customers with paying for hospitalization in case of an incident at the jobsite. Most customers will not trust a contractor that isn’t insured. That insurance gives them the peace of mind they want from a service provider.


As a construction company you are supposed to carry a license stating you are allowed by the local authority to do business in the area. During the aftermath of natural calamities such as flooding or an earthquake, many fly-by-night contractors come out of the woodwork and offer hapless homeowners their “business”. Most of these pseudo-contractors are not even licensed to work in the area; that’s bad news for the customers and for you. Such people paint a negative image of the construction industry.


Warranties that cover products are great; they are usually provided by contractors certified by manufacturers to install or use their products. What’s even better are the warranties on workmanship, which show your customers how seriously you take the job. A warranty on, say, a roof you installed, plus another warranty on the workmanship will earn your customer’s trust, doubling the possibility of getting good reviews from them.

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Some documents are not just mere pieces of paper; some are so important entire reputations are either built or destroyed under them. Make sure to have all the right documents relevant to your trade.