Beating the Odds: Rolex Timepieces are Timeless Pieces

Men's Watch from BoiseVintage collectors defy time by collecting classic pieces that are rare. They have this innate desire to collect items that few people own. They collect items ranging from art pieces, sculptures, vintage cars, and even classic timepieces.

Rolex watches first defeated time over a century ago, in 1905. To this day, vintage Rolex collectors still live on not because people know the brand worldwide as a luxury item, but because of several key reasons. They even have specialty jewelers, such as Hal Davis Jewelers in Boise, that offer full-service watch repairs.

Rolex Watches: Purpose Built

Rolex based its design on the original “tool watch”. Vintage Rolex collectors admire the fact that the pieces were built for specific and functional purposes and not only as jewelry or decoration. One example is the GMT-Master built for Pan-Am’s pilots who, back then, were experiencing jet-lag. The airline company requested for a watch that showed two time zones at once.

Rolex Watches Are Detailed

Vintage Rolex collectors adore the range of dials, crown guards, bezels, and other features that differ for each timepiece as it increases the worth and collectability of the item. Features such as a Bart Simpson dial, an exclamation dial, or an underline dial greatly increase the value of the timepiece. A watch that used to cost USD 5,000 will have its value heightened to USD 50,000 with the addition of a small detail.

Rolex Watches Are For Accessorizing

The versatility of Rolex watches offers that creative boost that other brands cannot. Customizing the watch can be as easy as popping off a bracelet and replacing it with classic Italian leather strap. You’ll barely recognize a watch because of accessorizing.

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Rolex watches come in a range of styles and functionalities. It's not a surprise that throughout the years, it has reigned over all of its competition.