Banks At Your Disposal

ATM MachineThese days, everything comes in lightning-quick, instantaneous ways. Communication, business transactions, and even leisure become more and more accessible with each passing day. This has caused people to seek quick and convenient ways to do what needs to be done. Convenience, more than ever, has become a necessity.

Profit from convenience

This fact is especially true for bank transactions. Many bank account holders prefer ATM transactions over bank office transactions, since it instantly gives them the money they need. On average, people make 800 transactions on the ATM every month, and people withdraw around $60 per transaction.

According to, bank accessibility also greatly benefits not just the account holders, but also the establishment that holds the ATM. For a business establishment with a nearby ATM, profits can range from $450 to $6750 per month, depending on how many people go to the ATM every day. And with the growing demand for accessibility, the average number of daily ATM transactions is close to the upper bounds.

ATM proximity also gives businesses the chance to earn more. Many people who make ATM transactions also spend their money near the place where they withdrew it, which guarantees additional sales for these establishments. In addition, people who find an accessible ATM close to a business establishment are more likely to return for another purchase, thus helping these businesses with customer retention.

The increasing demand of accessible banking

However, the current availability of ATMs might not be able to keep up with the increasing need for convenience. Last 2015, the statistics show that for every 144 persons, there is one fully functional ATM ready for their use. These statistics might be changing especially considering that around 280 new ATMs are installed worldwide every day, but it still shows just how high the demand for available ATMs has become.

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ATM availability is certainly something that needs to be assured, especially for businesses who wish to cater to the evolving needs of its clients. Not only will you make your clients’ experience a breeze, but you can also earn profit from it. Of course, you have to make sure that the ATMs you install are fully functional and secure. For that, you can hire the services of a reputable manufacturer that works hand-in-hand with the most trusted banks in America. With their help, you can make banking quick and easy for your clients, and you can guarantee their safety as they make ATM transactions with your establishment.