Are Town Homes and Single-Family Homes Different? Find Out


TownhomesSingle-family homes and new townhomes in Utah – offered by firms such as Hamlet Homes – are great  options when considering buying a home. The differences between these two choices are obvious: the available space, maintenance, security, and the amenities.

Nevertheless, some differences will influence your decision of buying a single-family home or a townhome. These factors include:


There are tighter restrictions on mortgage lending due to the economic crisis in the late 2000’s. Majority of the lenders consider townhomes to be a riskier venture than financing single-family homes. Interest rates for townhomes are higher than those of single-family homes and their approval rate low.

Lenders are also keen to look at the financial situation of the single-family homes association.

Community Associations

Both the single-family and townhomes association have membership fees to members, and the property owners choose a board. It is mandatory to join these organizations if you buy a property within the community. Both associations are responsible for maintaining common areas such as parking lots.

However, single-family homes associations must approve any improvement you want to implement in your home. Townhomes association, on the other hand, are stricter on what you can do in the house and regulate things such as what outdoor furniture you can have and pets.


There is not much difference between property taxes you will pay whether you live in a single-family home and a townhome. Although townhomes share the same building, the government considers them as individual units. Value assessment in both single-family homes and townhomes is the same.

The various fees that homeowners pay to homeowners’ associations are non-tax deductible. Property taxes and mortgage interest is however deductible for taxpayers who choose to itemize.

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The joy of owning a home should not blind you from considering some of the above important factors. Take your time to understand the thin line between single-family homes and new townhomes to determine the most appropriate for you and your family.