A Feast for Your Guest’s Eyes: Basic Guide to Food Plating

A food platedFood service businesses understand how crucial food presentation and plating is in keeping guests pleased as they experience delightful culinary offerings. While they may have set the mood of your restaurant perfectly with proper lighting, enchanting music, and charming table knickknacks, such as Japanese iron teapots, however, it could be at the expense of the plating process. In the rush to satisfy everything else, chefs might not be able to see dishes properly plated on top of ensuring the food tastes great and served on time.

Guests eat with their eyes, so thoughtful and creative plating will improve the look and taste of the food. If you run a restaurant or food service business, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Visualise the final look of the presentation.

Your chef can unleash their inner kitchen Picasso by imagining ways they can display their delightful meals. If time permits, have them draw possible plating ideas. When plating a dish, thinking like a visual artist will go a long way in making the dish’s plating presentable.

Consider reducing the volumes.

A dish, whether a dessert, main course or starter, generally includes a staple food and garnish. To make it easier to style a plate, begin the food presentation by filling the centre of the plate. You can even add ingredients to get the desired shape, so it is like working on a measured model.

Drain the food from its sauce.

Before you set up the styled plate, drain the dish from its sauce. It does not matter if it is the primary element of your dish is the plating or the lining that comes with it. Draining pieces of food on a paper towel or cloth will guarantee that sauce will not spill into other foods or flood the styled plate. Instead, serve the sauce precisely, based on the position of the primary food in the plate.

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By allowing your chefs to focus a bit more on the presentation, they will be able to display their creations and visually exhibit to guests that they got their money’s worth.