A Complete Guide on Wedding Tents

Wedding Tent Marquee

Wedding Tent MarqueeWedding tents are becoming popular because they provide a bright and airy vibe. Also, they’ve now come in stylish designs that work well with different types of decorations, lighting, fabric, and flower arrangements. However, you must still keep a few considerations in mind when choosing a tent for your wedding venue. This guide will save you from the common wedding tent pitfalls.

Choosing the Right Type of Tent

One of the most popular types is the pole tent. Pole tents are round tents that resemble the look of those found in the circus. However, these are far more stylish and sturdier, and are available in different sizes. Pole tents provide a high roofline, ideal for chandeliers and other hanging decorations.

Another type that provides flexibility is the frame tent. These are easy to install and may come with decorative sidewalls. Unlike pole tents, this type is a favorite because it does not require supporting poles at the center, which could obstruct the floor plan.

Clearspan tent rental is also becoming popular. These are the ideal pick if you want to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. They provide unobstructed views of the surroundings as well as the sky above.

Choosing the Right Size

Many factors would determine the size that is best for your wedding. This includes the number of guests, the types and sizes of chairs, tables, and equipment, and whether there would be a band or a dance floor. You also need extra space or an additional tent for the caterers (if there’s no kitchen area) and dressing area.

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Choosing the Right Venue

Do not choose a venue that has limited land area or don’t use a tent that will cover up the entire outdoor floor space. It ruins the outdoor vibe. Also, the space where you will install the tent should be a flat surface, especially if you are not going to use any flooring.

How Much Do Wedding Tents Cost?

The cost depends on the type and size of the tent, as well as on whether there will be special additions such as sidewalls, liners, and floorings. Also, do not forget to factor in the costs for use of generators, heating or cooling systems, and other equipment. According to WomanGettingMarried.com, a tent set up for caterers alone already costs $500. Therefore, the wedding tent itself is around $5000 on average.

Remember to study your options well if you are going for wedding tents. Wedding tents can be expensive depending on the type, size, add-on equipment, and other details.