A Closer Look at Urban Industrial Design

Employees working in an industrial workspaceEmployees need to feel comfortable in their workspaces to feel empowered in their jobs and be more creative. The industrial design concept is the philosophy that brings out the nature of art, beauty, and taste from old factories and industrial spaces that have been converted to modern workplaces. Various pieces of urban industrial furniture address the needs of businesses and commercial establishments to have comfort, style, and functionality to entice their employees to maximize productivity.

The design uses industrial materials like concrete for floors and walls, exposed beams or stripped floors, stainless steel, and metal. Furniture materials include leather, reclaimed wood, and stainless steel. To add industrial style to your workplace, here are some ideas:

Old hardwood or weathered wood

Wood from floors of an old factory can be great for paneled walls or islands. You can also repurpose large, old windows to conference tables.

Ductwork and plumbing

You can add industrial elements to your desks and shelves by using galvanized pipes for table legs and shelving brackets.


Some reclaimed wood, a couple of steel pipes, some light bulbs and wires – use these to make industrial chandelier lights, which you can install in meeting rooms.


Steel accessories and furniture from old factories’ steel columns, beams and trusses can give your office an understated industrial touch.

Repurposed furnishings

Industrial elements kept from old factories look great when mixed with other design styles. You can make a coffee table with bookrack from an industrial wire spindle or industrial cart.

The equipment industrial buildings have used back over the years may no longer be present, but with urban industrial furniture, the spirit of American history lives in the workspaces and homes of many.

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