5 Outdoor Party Essentials for the Holidays

Chairs and decorations for an outdoor partyHosting an outdoor party is exciting but can also be a daunting task. So here’s a short list of the basic things you need for your next gathering to help set your party planning in motion.


No matter what the season is, setting up a tent for your outdoor party is a good idea. It defines the space and provides shelter for the guests and buffet areas. To enjoy the outdoor view, get a clear span tent rental. Tent rentals also offer event styling packages, which can make setting up much easier and faster.

Lighting and music

Illuminate the space with a combination of overhead and floor lighting. Vintage string lights always look good and provide distributed lighting throughout the space. Use lanterns for overhead lighting at the buffet area and floor lighting for the lounge area for additional illumination. Use soft lighting to create a soft yet elegant effect and play some lounge music to complete the relaxing outdoor party vibe.

Menu board, food labels, and table signs

Let everyone know what’s on the menu by setting up a menu board, and make it easy for them to find food on the table by using food labels like chalkboard buffet labels and table signs. You can insert stick labels for a sample of each finger food and have it served on a large platter or a food board.

Bar and BBQ

What’s an outdoor party without some drinks and BBQ, right? Set up a mobile bar to take care of cocktails, juices, and other drinks and set up a BBQ station at the farther end of the buffet, with the wind blowing the smoke in the opposite direction from the lounge area. Also, prepare plates and sandwich wrappers labeled with the doneness of the meat to make it easy for the server to hand out the right selection to the guests.

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