4 Ways to Know if You’ve Found Your New Home

House for saleWhen looking for a new home, many first-time buyers wonder how they will know if the unit is right for them. It is normal to harbor fears about making the wrong decision. After all, a house is a huge investment, and it’s not something you can just walk away from once you’ve settled the initial payments.

Real property expert Total Real Estate Needs shares four indications you found your dream home.

You’re excited to see what’s inside

Curb appeal has a strong influence on a buyer’s decision. As soon as you pull to the side of the road, you will already know if you like this house more than the last one or the one on the right. It will make you excited to see what’s inside and explore it.

You don’t feel uncomfortable in the toilet or bathroom

There are times buyers feel funny about walking into the bathroom, often only poking their heads from the outside. If you feel comfortable near the toilet or bath and you feel obliged to rub the marble, there’s a great chance that this will be your house.

You’re falling in love – flaws and all

If you feel like you have to defend it when your agent talks about stains in the bathroom or the kitchen sink, you are starting to accept that this will be your home soon. Who wants to hear mean comments about their house anyway? You are in love, and these flaws don’t matter anymore.

You envision your favorite paint color and furniture arrangement

Perhaps blue will be great in the kid’s room while you’ll go for a deep purple shade for your future master bedroom. You picture your bed at the center of the room and imagine a Christmas tree by the window. All of these mean that you’re hooked.

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When it comes to home buying, listening to your gut is important. If you would hate to see another buyer seal the deal earlier than you, then you should probably get it while you can.