4 Culinary Gems That are Undeniably Mexican

Three tacosMexican cuisine is probably one of the most distinctive in the world in terms of flavors. Just a bite and you’ll know it’s Mexican or at least of Mexican influence. With smoky flavors, piping hot chili sauces, and fresh ingredients, these foods appeal to almost every taste bud across the globe.

Here are some of the most famous dishes that are undeniably Mexican:


Who wouldn’t say yes to enchilada? This flavorful tortilla wrap is filled with everything you want for a meal—meat, cheese, and fresh vegetables, plus fiery condiments. There are countless varieties of enchiladas offered by restaurants specializing in Mexican food in Alexandria, VA or elsewhere. Others use beef, chicken, and seafood as filling. Other enchiladas also have potatoes. The chili sauce is always the finisher.


One of the simplest but most popular Mexican foods, the taco is a staple in every Mex restaurant. It’s corn tortilla topped with generous amounts of hot chicken or beef, fresh cilantro, and chili sauce. Other versions include pork, onions, and pineapple for added flavor.


Holy guacamole! What’s a Mexican meal without guacamole? It’s a favorite sauce or side dish is made from mashed avocados. It also has tomatoes, onions, peppers, and lemon juice for added flavor and texture. Other people add garlic for an extra kick. It’s often used as a dip for tortilla chips and as dressing for different taco recipes.


Another traditional Mexican dish, the tamale is a favorite breakfast or lunch food. It’s made from corn dough that’s steamed or boiled inside pockets of either cornhusks or banana leaves. That’s not all though; it also has fillings that are either savory or sweet. It can be everything from meats, vegetables, fruits, spices, and cheeses.

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These are only some of the many dishes Mexico has contributed to the world. Head to the nearest Mexican restaurant and try them out.