4 Clever Ways to Organize a Memorable Funeral

funeral visitorThe funeral is a sad affair. But, it is an opportunity for the family and friends to remember the deceased, even if on a tight budget. It will be the last time that they will see the physical form of their loved one before it is buried or cremated.

This is why funerals must be memorable in the sense that it is a commemoration of a life. These are things to do to make a funeral you will be organizing to be special:

1. Pick an elaborate headstone

Headstones are a major feature of cemeteries. They usually serve as the identifier for families to know where their loved one was buried.

Think of it as an identification card, which is why the choice of the tombstone is an important one. Contact a service that creates headstones in West Valley City to check this off your list.

2. Provide attendees with pictures of the deceased

If you want all the attendees to be able to remember the deceased well, you should distribute copies of the dead person’s pictures. This will also serve as memorabilia to remind people of how their family member or friend looked like.

3. Organize a funeral party after

It has become a popular post-funeral activity all over the globe to organize funeral parties. This will be a celebration where the attendees will be able to bond together and recall their best memories with the deceased.

4. Plant flower seedlings in honor of the deceased

This may seem like an unusual thing to do, but if the deceased person has a favorite flower, it would be a good move to distribute seedlings to the attendees. Everyone can plant these seedlings together in a designated area.

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Creating a personalized funeral is a good way to celebrate the life of the person who passed away. This way, their memory lasts beyond their lifetime.