3 Ways to Market Your Business Online with a Shoestring Budget

Digital MarketingWhen you are a small business owner that is just starting, one common mistake that you have to avoid making is not allocating your marketing budget properly. It does not mean that you need to issue the biggest budget to marketing; it just means you have to be wise in doing so. 

Some business owners would immediately resort to conventional advertising like radio, TV, and billboards. Sure, it’s a grand entrance to the industry, but aside from being very expensive, your fame may only be fleeting. What would be your best bet? The answer is digital marketing.

1. Create a professional website.

There is nothing like a good website that assures the customers that your business is credible. There are many businesses with websites, but they don’t make the most of it. When you create your website, make sure that you explain your products or services clearly. 

The key is great content. Use blogs to tell stories, and set up a catchy home page. You can show a video that will grip the attention of the customers. You can find video production businesses in Denver such as littleravenpictures.com, and it is worth it when you realize that your target customers are receptive.

2. Set up your social media accounts.

Be visible. Create an account on every possible social media site available. However, it should not stop there. Be consistent in creating your message and sending it across. Update your accounts, and use them as venues to interact with your customers. Word of mouth is still the most powerful way to advertise your business, and these days, word spreads quickly in social media.

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3. Monitor third-party sites.

John Rampton, entrepreneur and investor, says that you should always respond to every review of your business, whether it is positive or negative. He says that while only a small percentage takes the time to give reviews, there are a lot of customers scrolling down and reading all the comments. If you find a good review, leave a comment to say thank you. For bad reviews, address every concern, and take the measures offline; send a private message to the reviewer and offer ways to make up for a bad experience.

There are other ways to make your business known online, but these are the basic. If you do this right, you will go a long way. The good news is, all these are possible even with a very little budget, and when you start earning, and you can increase budget overtime and get returns tenfold.