3 Things That Need Planning When Travelling to New Zealand

Traveling in New ZealandThe laid-back lifestyle, the great outdoors, the beautiful beaches, and the different kinds of adventure are more than enough reasons to visit New Zealand. Wherever it is, any trip requires a bit of planning. If you’re flying to NZ, pay special attention to these things:

1. Internet

New Zealand’s Internet speed is better than that of Australia. The downside is it’s not found everywhere. You are less likely to find a Wi-Fi hotspot in campsites and caravan parks as most are within urban areas. Even if you’re lucky to find one, there’s a good chance it isn’t free.

One of the best solutions is to rent a pocket Wi-Fi, which you can now get from the airport. Although it’s a bit pricey, it can give you unlimited data. If you’re travelling with a friend, you can split the cost.

2. Money

Most well-known currencies can be exchanged easily to New Zealand dollars. You can also use your credit card in most establishments in the country. However, if you need to exchange currencies, be smart. Some may charge high fees and buy your currency up to 6% less than its supposed value. No.1 Currency recommends doing your research where to find the best NZ foreign exchange.

3. Food

What’s a trip to New Zealand without eating its best dishes in some of its best restaurants? If that’s your plan, then be ready to spend a lot. Although what you pay depends on where you eat, in general, food in New Zealand can be costly. It can cost you about $25 per meal (without drinks). For those looking for something affordable, international cuisines like Thai are within budget.

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You can save on food by not tipping, which is not customary anyway. But note that restaurants don’t include a service charge on your bill. If you enjoy the service, a small token of gratitude will be nice.

Although some people can get by in New Zealand by winging it, some special planning will save you money, heartache, and bad experiences.