3 Super Clever Ways to Run a PPC Campaign That Stands Out

PPC Campaign in PerthEver since its introduction, PPC has been known as the more aggressive and costlier side of digital marketing. Not everyone does it because of the upfront cost, and of course, the uncertainty of investment returns.

Well, not until clever ads reinvented the game.

But, despite the limitations of the number of characters you can place in a single PPC ad, it’s still possible to capture the market your business needs, according to a digital marketing agency in Perth. Below are the ways companies and even individuals can maximise the power of PPC:

1. Bid on Your Target Audience’s Name

This would probably not work for many businesses, but if your target audience involves big names in the industry, you can bid on their names instead.


Title:< Insert Targeted Client’s Name>
Description: Even before you take on our services, we’ve already planned everything for you.

Famous people have the habit of searching for their names online to be updated on their reputation level. Just imagine; if you see that ad with your name for a title and with a description saying that they’ve already planned everything for you, of course, everyone will take the offer and click.

2. As a PR Control Campaign

Regardless of the business, downtime would always happen one way or another. But, with PPC, it’s possible to control it. Let’s say you lost a deal, and it will affect your investors and customers.


Title: We Admit, That Was Our Fault
Description: But, since you stuck with us all this time, you can expect that we’ll get you through, too.

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By claiming responsibility and reassuring the concerned individuals before every tabloid and PR nightmare website feast on your problem, your business will have more time to fix the issue.

3. NewsJacking

This type of PPC works by bidding on keywords related to current trending events. It may be the elections, the Black Friday sale, or any relevant issue.


Title: Care About the Elections?
Description: Our services center around making the right choices. Who’s your pick?
The key to this PPC campaign is creativity. If you can connect Trump’s antics to your services, then you can definitely capitalize on this. But, proceed with caution because sensitive issues also pull in detractors.

If you can align and catch the consumers’ interests to your services, PPC is an effective way to dynamically boost your business the fastest way possible.