3 Store Design Tips for Retail Shop Owners

Retail BusinessYou’ve grown your business to the point that you’re now planning to open up a brick-and-mortar store. That’s a huge milestone; one that many business owners don’t get to achieve.

Opening up a store is very exciting. Studies show that the way your store looks affects the behaviour of your customers. That said, it’s very important to put thought into your store design.

Before you make any store design decisions, check out these tips.

Don’t put too many counters

Product displays, check out counters, and islands serve important functions in any store. More than what they’re primarily for, they also influence the way consumers act inside the store. Psychologically, they set barriers between your staff and the buyers. Instead of connecting with store clerks and engaging with them, buyers feel detached and are more likely to pass on the purchase. This is also the reason why it’s standard practice for store staff to wander around shops no matter how small.

Design an impressive entrance

If there’s an area that needs to be sensational, it’s your store’s entrance. No matter how beautiful and inviting the inside of your store is, if the entrance is unable to woo in customers, you won’t get sales. Make sure to place a few inviting products by the store windows and invest an in eye-catching signage.

Allot enough space

There’s nothing that can make a buyer turn around and leave quicker than a cramped space. When buyers feel like they’re too close to the display shelves or to other customers, they will feel unwelcome. Make sure you consult with experts in shopfitting supplies like shelvingshopgroup.com.nz and inquire about the best practices in store layouts.

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Leave no stone unturned when designing your new store. These tips should help get you on the right track. Remember, this is a major undertaking that will influence the progress of your business. Good luck!