3 Settings That Require Court Reporters

men in suits discussing items on the documentJust like any career, there are pros and cons to being a court reporter in Phoenix, Arizona. As for the pros, court reporters are privy to fast training, a portable career, free on-the-job legal education, and a rather promising job outlook and salary, notes Phoenix Deposition Services. In terms of cons, there are the long work hours, extended periods of time spent sitting down, and having to procure certification.

But what will never be a part of this job’s disadvantages is, contrary to popular belief, the supposed limited work setting/area available to court reporters. In fact, the opposite could be true. Just consider these three areas that require these professionals’ expertise.

Courtroom proceedings

Court reporters are required in courtroom operations. From depositions to hearings, these professionals prove indispensable. Even with the advent of artificial intelligence, which could arguably or speculatively provide machine-generated recordings, court reporting accomplished by actual humans will never be out of fashion.

Events and gatherings

Events of various nature, from political to corporate, could make use of the services of a competent court reporter. These gatherings need to be recorded for posterity. Hence, court reporting is crucial.


When interviewing witnesses for civil or criminal cases, a legal counsel or a law enforcer should ideally work in tandem with a court reporter. The information to be had in these interviews is vital to any case hence they must be recorded with utmost accuracy. Aside from interviews related to legal matters, court reporting can also cater to interviews and dialogues, as well as meetings, within corporate, government, and even educational settings.

Court reporters are allowed flexibility in terms of where they want to practice. For professionals, this is always an appreciated job perk. On the other side of the equation, even if you are part of an industry outside the legal arena, chances are at one point or another you too will need the services of court reporters.

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