3 Essential Things to Know as You Hire Temporary Staff

Applicants lined up for an interview

Applicants lined up for an interviewSome business leaders think that hiring permanent staff is always better than employing temps. The recent surge in the temporary workforce, however, is an indication that employers, particularly those in the health sector, are starting to see locum jobs offered by a physician staffing company as a viable solution to their staffing woes.

Here are some key factors employers should keep in mind as they recruit temp staff.

Go for quality

Because temporary employees rarely stick with you beyond one year, you may be tempted to skimp on quality during the hiring process. Most of the time, you are in a hurry to fill a vacant position and get things back on track as soon as possible.

However, if you overlook such important factors as experience and personality, you might end up paying dearly. You do not want to risk theft or reduced productivity in your organization.

Be clear on employment period

Applicants for holiday positions already know that the job is not permanent. Still, it is important that you emphasize this during the interview, so they do not harbor false hope. If they are going to be filling in for a permanent employee who is on vacation or leave, communicates this clearly.

Also, alert them in writing that you have the right to terminate their employment at any time, so you do not engage in legal battles.

Adhere to law requirements

If you are not familiar with the legal requirements of hiring temporary staff, now is the time to learn about them. Keep in mind that temporary employees, just like your permanent staff, have coverage under labor laws such as health and safety guidelines, discrimination, harassment, and so on.

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However, if you are hiring contractors, you are not obligated to provide any benefits besides paying the agreed labor fees.

Hiring temporary employees may just be the solution you have been looking for to put your staffing problems behind you. Hopefully, once you have nabbed the talent your company needs, you may be lucky enough to transition them into your permanent star performers.