3 Date Ideas Your Guy Will Love and Enjoy

DateIf your boyfriend or husband has been very good to you and has been preparing date nights that take your breath away, then maybe it’s time to give the favour back to him. Tell him that the next date night is on you. All he needs to do is trust you and wait to be blown away. Here are some awesome date ideas which are popular for guys.

Bring Him to a Sports Event

Most guys like sports. If your hubby is like most guys, then the perfect date night is being in the audience of a sports game with his favourite team. Make sure to book your Australian Open Men’s Final tickets in advance because they sell out fast, an expert from Theticketmerchant.com.au suggests. The chanting and screaming fans may be something new to you, but it will surely make your guy happy. Just go with the flow and you’ll enjoy it, too.

Go to a Sports Bar

If you already ran out of tickets, the next best date would be to a sports pub. Some guys even prefer this because they can enjoy some beers while enjoying the game and play pool afterwards. Don’t get angry if your guy gets on a dare or bets some money for his favourite team because that’s normal in sports bars.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Probably the most wonderful date for guys who love climbing mountains, camping, or surfing is going to the outdoors and enjoying these activities with the love of their life. Plan an outdoor trip now to make your hubby happy. Whether it’s a ski trip, an overnight camping experience, a visit to the nearest beach, or a day trip to a mountain, your boyfriend will definitely thank you for accompanying him.

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These are just some of the date ideas guys will love. Make sure to pick something that he loves doing and try to relate to him and discover why he loves it so much.